Team Etico

Team Etico is focused on fostering an inclusive culture where attention to people with special needs is a responsible and conscious choice not only by its members but also the people and other organisations they collaborate with. This has the benefit of creating a strong sense of community and shared purpose, which are essential to creating a cohesive and inclusive society without barriers, abundant with opportunities for everyone, regardless of their physical or intellectual abilities.


Alex Toselli

A founding member of Albergo Etico, Italy
Cofounder/Director of Project Etico Australia

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Andrea Comastri

Cofounder and Director
Project Etico Australia

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Jon Ackary

Project Etico Australia


Stella Sgambellone

General Manager

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Patsy Polchleb

Trainee Development Manager


Samantha Mackay

Trainee Development Manager


Katie Parker

Assistant Manager