Graduates 2022



Graduate 2022

Georgia has the kindest soul, her loving and caring nature has a way of making you feel at home and making you feel as if you are a part of her family. But don’t let that fool you, she is a true professional, she has the determination to always improve and learn new skills. She loves interacting with guests on her breakfast shift which has proven to be her favorite…although we are certain she wouldn’t mind if breakfast started a bit later! The early mornings aren’t her favorite part of her shift. Georgia also has a creative side, she is a talented singer and dancer and you will often find her creating dances with her fellow trainees.

Georgia started a new position at the Fairmont resort and Spa in Leura.

2024 update

Georgia now works in the Cafe within the Fairmont Resort Ice Rink.



Graduate 2022

Harry has one of the strongest work ethics I have ever seen. He has had to overcome a lot of personal challenges this year and he has done this with strength and courage. Harry has stepped up to help wherever needed and he is always asking to work and help wherever he can. Within the academy Harry has taken on the role of practical jokester. And we know from personal experience no one is safe. He also loves to keep everyone on their toes especially around State of Origin .

In 2022 Harry started his new position at the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney CBD.

2024 Update

Harry now works in housekeeping at The Fullerton Hotel Sydney.



Graduate 2022

Jacob the Quiet achiever, well that’s until you get him talking. Patient, kind, funny are just a few words we like to use to describe Jacob. Jacob has shown such dedication in the kitchen while working alongside the chefs, that he has discovered a talent that many don’t have the patience for, and that is pastry, dough and pasta making. He has strength and determination, he is able to focus on his work and build upon his skills until he perfects is tasks. Jacob’s favorite saying has now become the teams mantra which is “team work makes the dream work” #jacob

Jacob secured a role at the Humble Bakehouse in Bligh Park.

2024 update

Jacob now works at Tins and Wood Cafe in Penrith.



Graduate 2022

Quick witted Quinn, as we like to call him. Out Academy Team Lead Wendy has created a new word just for him and that is Quinnisms. we think we can all agree that Quinn pushes himself out of his comfort zone because he is addicted to learning. He has overcome such great social barriers. He is smart, funny and an incredibly driven perfectionist. Quinn has found a great love for the kitchen and has quite a talent for it. Quinn is a patient teacher and a natural mentor to his fellow trainees. He provides full support and friendship to all staff. He also gives the best Hotel Tours.

2024 Update

Quinn worked for Hotel Etico and Fairmont Resort within the kitchen and has now started his commercial cookery apprenticeship at the Fairmont Resort.



Graduate 2022

Josh is a man of many talents, Josh the Dancer, Josh the Olympic athlete, Josh the Fashionista. His enthusiastic smile is contagious. Josh’s biggest strengths while at Hotel Etico has been Reception. His phone skills and mannerism are professional and friendly. He has a natural warmth that is inviting and engaging. He also knows every knock knock joke, so he is always making the guests, staff and trainees laugh.

2024 update

Josh has excelled in his work experience at the Fairmont Resort and secured a role at the Mercure Hotel in Sydney.



Graduate 2022

Katrina is a natural born leader taking on the role as advocate for our Trainees. Katrina loves interacting and speaking with guests. She has excelled in this area of the hotel. She is a proud ambassador of Hotel Etico and can talk about it almost as much as Andrea. Katrina’s dedication to learning new skills and developing her independence is inspiring. Katrina is very good at self-reflection, loves to improve and is not afraid to take on new challenges.

Katrina worked with Hotel Etico as Peer Mentor and at The Fullerton Hotel in Sydney.

2024 update

Katrina now works at UNSW as a disability advocate and research consultant.